Bulk Water Delivery Serving the Suburbs of Chicago since 1993

Aloha Pool Water has been providing swimming pool water delivery, bulk water , and water transport services to the Kane, DuPage, Cook, Lake, McHenry, Will & DeKalb Counties in Illinois since 1993.

We fill everything from commercial pools, to the above ground Intex pools. Aloha Pool Water is the only year round bulk water supplier and swimming pool water delivery company. We also have storage tanks to solve your onsite water needs. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you will find some tips for above ground pools , and also a pool water volume calculator. To get a price on water delivery cost, just give us a shout!


Proven Water Quality, Delivered Fast

We purchase our water from municipalities that have proven water quality. Don’t let some of the other companies fool you into thinking their water is better, we all buy it from the same places. When it comes to water truck companies , we are the choice of the top pool builders in Chicagoland.


We fill all types of pools!

From the mega-sized commercial pool, to the small intex pool, we fill them all. Every pool holds the same water, just some need more than others. The one thing that is the same is the smile on kids faces when the water starts going into the pool. THAT’S PRICELESS! We enjoy all the questions they have, or when they wanna go see the big truck. (We even let them sit in the drivers seat and honk the horn.)


Honest, Friendly, and Reliable

For 25 years Aloha has been delivering bulk water to the greater Chicagoland area for pools or construction. The values that are of utmost importance to us are Honesty and Reliability. Our pool builders and customers are the ones who build our business. When a company is dishonest they have to remember every lie. When a company is honest, they have to remember nothing. Our 25 years of experience are built around our honesty and reliability, so give us a try and join the Aloha family!

Frequently Asked Questions

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